Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lou Rawl - The Best.. The Classic Philadelphia Recordings (1998)

01. You'll never find another love like mine
02. Lady love
03. See you when i git there
04. From now on
05. Groovy people
06. Sit down and talk to me
07. Trade winds
08. Let me be good to you
09. Bark, bite (Fight all night)
10. Dollar green
11. I wish it were yesterday
12. I wish you belonged to me
13. One life to live
14. Love is a hurtin' thing (Live)
15. Dead end street (Live)
16. Tobacco road (Live)


Vladi said...

Que capa legal!!! Parece as de jazz dos 50/60s que em suas épocas eram o avant garde da programação visual.

Luis said...

a download desse album ????



Mano Mylius said...