Monday, June 22, 2009

Discoteca Skulaxo - Skulaxo Disco Club (1977)

01. Paul Simul - Nha, nha call me music
02. Black Soul - Disco music
03. Montrela Sound - Music
04. Lauren Copley - Together forever
05. D.D.Sound - Disco bass
06. The Vamps - Vamps sex theme
07. Mercia Love & Neville Whitmill - You're gonna get next to me
08. Chuck Davis Orchestra - Spirit of sinshine
09. Solar Systems - Hunky monkey
10. The Generations - Check list
11. Space - Tango in space


the saucer people said...

There are some amazing tracks on the "Discoteca Skulaxo - Skulaxo Disco Club" you posted on 4shared but unfortunately the link is dead!

Not sure what your policy is on re-upping dead files as I appreciate it takes time and effort to re-post an album - if it is something you do I would love to get a copy of the album.

If you can do it, I will sign up for follow up comments here then I will know if it is possible

Many thanks
Paul UK


Amigo teria como repostar este link da discoteca Skulaxo tentei baixar mais deu erro

Mano Mylius said...

Renovando o link...!X4o1URDS!_oceIYo0q-6W_gL7Z_eKMh3AgbYvBngW7asWOyooCcA

Aproveitem enquanto durar...

Abrz .'.