Thursday, May 28, 2009

Star Wars And Other Galactic Funk by Meco (OST)(1977)

STAR WARS (15:49)
01. Title theme
02. Imperial attack
03. The desert and the robot auction
04. The princess appears
05. The land of the sand people
06. Princess Leia's theme
07. Cantina band
08. The last aattle
09. The throne room and end title

01. Other 
02. Galactic
03. Funk


pollicino said...

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renato c said...

Mano, meu arquivo corrompeu....
da pra postar um link???

Jorge said...

Hola les mando un saludo desde México,les solicito que por favor pongan el link para poder bajar este disco de colección. gracias y un saludo

Mano Mylius said...

Atendendo pedidos...

No pass.

Anonymous said...

Very very thank you. I had this album and I like it very much. Now, with the years I don't know what happened with it. Thanks to made me remember my childhood.