Friday, March 21, 2008

Diva Gray and Oyster - Hotel Paradise (1979)

01.Diva Gray And Oyster - St. Tropez
02.Diva Gray And Oyster - Up And Down
03.Diva Gray And Oyster - Hotel Paradise
04.Diva Gray And Oyster - Good Good Tequila
05.Diva Gray And Oyster - Magic Carpet Ride


imran.ahmad said...

i wish i could download this album

Mano Mylius said...

Agradecimentos ao Mr. Renato, parceria Disconights Club Privée.

Imran Ahmad said...

Dear Mano,
Thanks for providing me link to download this song. I am really grateful. In fact I have been looking for this album for around 20 years. I heard 'Hotel Paradise' about when I was in school. It was played on Radio Pakistan and recorded it on the radio. I kept on trying to find this song in good quality, but could not. Neither was it available on the net. I thank you again. Kind regads.

edu said...

Diva Gray was the 1st lady of Gregg Diamond! She's the solo vocalist on the fabulous disco track "THIS SIDE OF MIDNIGHT". Just love this album!! Edu Gantous.

Horacio said...

Fabuloso disco. Muy buscado